Nitelikli Mühendislik Hizmeti Sunuyoruz

MCA is engaged in the project design, manufacturing and installation of turnkey plants for below listed activities according to all relevant international standards, particularly EN and DOT standards.


  • Refurbishment (Repairing) of the LPG cylinders (with cold repair and hot repair facility)
  • Requalification of the LPG cylinders
  • Scrapping of the LPG cylinders
  • Repairing and Requalification of the LPG cylinder valves






Refurbishment (Repairing) of LPG Cylinders:

The physical condition of LPG cylinders can deteriorate with poor handling, use of inappropriate distribution equipment, and continued use and exposure to the elements. Regular maintenance, repair and requalification are necessary to ensure that they remain fit for service. This can be achieved by inspecting and then segregating cylinders with defects and damage for appropriate action when they are brought into the filling plant for refilling.

Maintenance and repair work should be done in refurbishment plant cause of most of repairs requires special equipment and competences.

Steel cylinders should be inspected for the following defects and damage:

  • Partial or worn markings/finish
  • Leaking valves, damaged valves, valves with missing consumer seals, etc.
  • Serious dents, bulges and gouges
  • Corrosion pits, lines and general corrosion
  • Fire damage and scorching
  • Cylinders due for periodic inspection and testing

Cold Repair:

Repairs of minor defects, such as bent guard rings or foot rings, can be carried out in a designated part of the refurbishment plant. Bent guard rings and foot rings can often be straightened rather than replaced.  Straightening is a much cheaper operation than cutting and welding because it avoids hot work and should always be considered the first option.  Machines are available which use mandrills and hydraulic pressure to re-form the shape.  Great care should be taken to avoid cracking.

Details of Hot Repair:

Cylinders requiring major repair, involving welding and/or de-denting, must be gas freed, tested and certified gas free before being processed.  Essential aspects are:

  • Removal guard or/and foot rings
  • Fitting new guard or/and foot rings
  • Dent removal

Details of Requalification of Cylinders:

Cylinders must be pressure tested at periodic intervals and re-qualified for a further period of service.  The periodic examination/testing must be performed according to national legal requirements, the requirements of the code to which the cylinder was manufactured or a local industry standard, whichever is the most stringent.

Details of Scrapping of Cylinders:

Cylinders that are identified as being outside the rejection limits or beyond the economic cost of repair compared to the price of new cylinders should be processed for scrap. These cylinders should be gas freed before being scrapped and made totally unsuitable for further service.

  • Ex-proof Area Machines and Equipment
    • LPG Degassing Unit
    • Valve Removing Unit
    • Cylinder Inside Washing Machine (Inline – Outline)
    • Residual Water Suction and Cleaning Unit (Inline – Outline)
    • Residual Gas Burning Unit (Inline)
    • Cylinder Internal Inspection Unit (Inline)
  • LPG Cylinder Scrapping Machines
    • Hydraulic Scrapping Presses
  • LPG Cylinder Cold Repairing Machines and Equipment
    • Guard Ring Straightening Unit
    • Foot Ring Straightening Unit
  • LPG Cylinder Hot Repairing Machines and Equipment
    • Guard & Foot Ring Removing Machine
    • Grinding Unit
    • Guard & Foot Ring Welding Machine
    • Blowing and Redenting Machine
  • Heat Treatment Unit
  • Hydrostatic Test Unit (Inline – Outline)
  • Surface Preparation and Coating Line
    • Shot Blasting Machine
    • Automatic Metallization Line
    • Automatic Electrostatic Powder Painting Line
    • Automatic Second Color Wet Painting Line
    • Automatic Combined Metallization & Electrostatic Powder Painting & Wet Painting Line
  • LPG Cylinder Test and Finishing Line
    • Automatic Tare Weighing Scale & Ink Jet Printing Unit (Inline)
    • Tare Weight Manual Punching Unit
    • Flange Cleaning Unit (Inline)
    • Valve Screwing Unit (Inline)
    • Air Leakage Test Unit (Inline)
    • Vacuuming Unit (Inline)
    • Serigraphy Machine
    • Multi-Color Pad Printing Machine
  • LPG Cylinder Valve Repairing and Testing Machines and Equipment
  • LPG Cylinder Transferring Systems
    • All types of floor and overhead conveyors
  • Production Auxiliary Equipment
    • Lifting equipment, pressurized air & cooling water & air ventilation etc. systems
  • Water Treatment System for LPG Cylinder Washing Water