We Provide Qualified Engineering Services

Our company is engaged in design and production of special-purpose machinery, tool and equipment for many sectors, particularly the metal forming sector, at our company’s facilities, under the surveillance of its experienced staff and in compliance with the relevant international standards.

All design and project works are conducted by using 2D and 3D software and if required, design verification is done through analysis by finite elements method. In all processes, the quality management steps set forth by the international standards are carefully implemented and taken under record.

Our company’s primary areas of machinery design and manufacturing are listed below.

  • Hydraulic presses for all purposes
  • Trimming and beading machines for all purposes
  • Automatic loading & unloading systems for presses and automation systems for all purposes
  • Welding automation systems for all purposes
  • Special-purpose machines, toolsets and equipment for steel wheel production
  • Special-purpose machines, toolsets and equipment for steel drum production
  • Special-purpose machines for metal forming purposes
  • All type of metal blanking, deep drawing, forming, bending toolsets
  • Special-purpose silk screen printing and multi-color pad printing machines
  • Special-purpose test machines and equipment for testing pressure vessels

Besides, our company has experience and offers quality solutions for all kinds of machinery, tool and equipment design, production and installation matters related to the areas of production listed below.

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