We Provide Qualified Engineering Services

Our company is engaged in the project design, manufacturing and installation of turnkey plants for production of two- or three-piece steal LPG cylinders, mainly EN and DOT types, according to all relevant international standards.

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Main points of our turnkey solutions we offer for production of all kinds of LPG cylinders, particularly picnic, domestic and industrial types, are detailed below.


  • LPG Cylinder Body Production Line
    • LPG Cylinder Body Single and Double Blanking Line Machinery and Tool Sets
    • LPG Cylinder Body Embossing and Deep Drawing Line Presses and Tool Sets
    • LPG Cylinder Body Halves Trimming & Beading Machines and Tool Sets
  • LPG Cylinder Foot Ring and Collar Ring Production Line
    • Foot Ring and Collar Ring Cut to Length Machinery and Tool Sets
    • Foot Ring and Collar Ring Forming Machinery and Tool Sets
  • LPG Cylinder Degreasing Unit
  • LPG Cylinder Welding Line
    • Foot & Collar Ring Welding Machinery (MIG/MAG)
    • Valve Boss Welding Machinery (SAW or MIG/MAG)
    • Body Circumferential and Longitudinal Welding Machinery (SAW or MIG/MAG)
  • LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Unit
  • LPG Cylinder Hydrostatic Test Unit
  • LPG Cylinder Surface Preparation and Coating Line
    • Surface Shot Blasting Machinery
    • Surface Metallization Machinery
    • Surface Painting (Wet or Electrostatic) Line Machinery
  • LPG Cylinder Test and Valve Assembly Line
    • Serigraphy Machinery
    • Valve Assembly Line
    • Valve Leakage Test and Air Purging Line
    • Cylinder Tare Weight Measuring and Marking Line
  • LPG Cylinder Quality Control Test Machinery and Equipment
    • Cylinder Burst Test, Total Expansion and Permanent Expansion Test Machinery
    • Tensile and Bending Test Units
    • Manual and Digital X-Ray Test Units
    • Rest of the Quality Control Equipment
  • LPG Cylinder Transferring Systems
    • All types of floor and overhead conveyors
  • Production Auxiliary Equipment
    • Lifting equipment, pressurized air & cooling water & air ventilation etc. systems